Our Farmers

Local Farms mean Fresh Milk

Munroe Dairy works with local dairy farmers to provide our customers with the freshest milk possible – taking less than 48 hours to arrive at your door from the farm. We take pride in working with local family-owned establishments that embody the same purpose-filled qualities that we, and our customers, value and cherish.

Hibbard Hill Farm

Located in a rural area with pastoral scenery, the Hibbard Hill Farm is one of Connecticut’s designated “Dairies of Distinction” and is celebrating its 100th anniversary in business. The Hibbard Hill Farm maintains and takes care of 80 healthy cows and is headed by Donald and Susan Hibbard. The Hibbard family has lived in the New England region since the 1600s and have largely been farmers for much of that time. Their family legacy as passionate farmers resembles the family values that we hold true at Munroe Dairy. Watch our video to see more of Hibbard Hill Farm.

Valleyside Farm

The Valleyside Farm, located in Woodstock, CT, has been in the Young Family since it was originally deeded by the King of England in the 1700s. Today, the Valleyside Farm manages 210 head of cattle while mainting their strong reputation for producing high quality milk. The longevity and responsibility of Valleyside Farm has been passed down in the family to Tim Young, who is motivated to nurture the farm and pass it on to the next generation. The Valleyside farm brings a unique and deep family tradition to their business that resonates with Munroe’s own story and the customer’s we service.

Fairholm Farm

As 3rd and 4th generation farmers, the Fairholm Farm in Woodstock, CT is managed by Todd Morin and is approaching its 100th anniversary in 2020. The farm stretches across 424 acres with a total milking heard of 560 cows. Morin and his family each have their special roles on the farm like crop work, hearding, feeding, and breeding. When the farm was purchased by the Morin family in 1920, it originally had cows, pigs, chickens, and other typical farm animals. When Todd’s father assumed the managing role of the farm, the family agreed to move forward as a dairy farm and today have assured that all of their cows are registered through the Holstein Association. Fairhom Farm’s focus on product quality and family togetherness aligns itself with the qulaities we hold here at Munroe Dairy.

What do our customers have to say?

Love Munroe Milk! Grew up on their milk and when I bought my own house I started ordering it myself. Love our driver Chris, very friendly and honest! Keep up the good work Munroe.

Ry S.

Dependable weekly delivery—even in today’s snowstorm! I love how eco-friendly (as well as delicious) their bottled milk is. And the online site is easy to order from. Such a fabulous tradition that works for today.

Heather F.

We love the convenience of having milk delivered right to our fridge. Mr. Chip is one of the sweetest guys. He is all there to make sure your order is perfect. He even opened the cream for my Gram when she stayed over. Our twins look forward to seeing him every week. It’s nice to get the reminder the night before to place your order. Then you can quick add a loaf of bread or eggs that you are running low on and don’t have to leave to the store for.

Melissa F.

Our milkman is always here on time and keeps our supplies where they need to be. We never run out of anything. Everything is brought into the building and put away where it needs to be and he is very efficient.

John W Kennedy Co.

Munroe has been a great asset to our facility. Not only do our children look forward to the Cow Truck twice a week, but every Munroe employee that we have come across has been exceptionally pleasant, helpful and accommodating.

Pumpkin Patch Daycare

As a business rooted in quality and integrity of product, Munroe Milk was an easy choice. We believe in supporting a local dairy. As a personal customer, I've had Munroe deliveries since childhood. There's nostalgia there.

Bolt Coffee Company

Our milkman delivered our milk at 3 o’clock in the morning [so he could beat an impending blizzard]. Where else would you get service like that!

Joyce Bryant

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Join 12,000 families and business that have Farm-Fresh Goodness delivered to them each week.

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